Lowell Retail Businesses

The MVSBC administers the Best Retail Practices (BRP)┬áProgram for the City of Lowell.┬áThe BRP program is available to Lowell’s retailers and restaurants looking to improve their stores’ physical appearance, customer service, marketing, etc.

The Best Retail Practices Program is currently set-up as a three part program:

Part I

Part I of the BRP program is a 2-hour workshop and presentation by the consultant hired by the city, focusing on best practices in retail. Workshop’s topics should include, but not limited to: merchandise; store’s interior layout; customer service; andmarketing.

Part II

Part II of the program consists of an hour-long, in-store consultation by the retail consultant to eligible applicants. A shorter, follow-up consultation is also required as well as a full written report by the consultant detailing findings and recommendations for store’s improvements.

Part III

Part III Grant Program provides financing to help the store’s owner implement those recommendations listed on the report. The Grant Program provides an 80% matching grant of up to $2,500 per grantee, based on the availability of grant funds.

The next Best Retail Practices is Wednesday, March 20th, 2012 from 8:00AM to 10:00AM at the MCC Morse Federal Building.

Enhance the BRP experience with ongoing technical assistance provided by the Merrimack Valley Small Business Center. Learn more about the benefits of membership here.