Online Internet Marketing Courses

Online Internet Marketing Courses


As a small business owner, we know you want to learn but your time is limited. We understand your need for practical courses that are affordable and will deliver results. The MVSBC offers affordable online marketing courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home or workplace. This is available through a special partnership we have with

Why our online courses are right for you:

  • Anywhere/ anytime online self-paced training – Your time is valuable so we have developed courses that you can take online at anytime from anywhere.
  • “How-to” training – Courses get to the heart of the matter so you start building your web presence immediately.
  • Online training with easy to follow step-by-step instructions – In the event you get “stuck”, the eMarketing4us team can help.
  • Business and marketing worksheets, and measurement tools – Training modules are designed to support progressive learning and provide on-going insight for your business.
  • Video and audio learning – Learn from real-life examples.

What our online internet marketing courses include:

  • Unlimited access to a FREE “Grade Your Website” tool.
  • A 30-day timeframe to complete a course.
  • Access anywhere, anytime!
  • Your own homepage that tracks your progress.
  • Downloadable worksheets to help you develop your ideas and marketing strategies.
  • On-going measurement tools that can help you monitor your site’s performance.
  • Progressive learning – from newbies to experienced online marketers – there’s something for everyone.

Each course costs only $59.99


Who should take these courses:

  • Internet “newbies”.
  • Those who want to establish a web presence through a website or blog.
  • Those thinking about re-vamping a website that was built by a web developer, family member, or friend.
  • Those who want a site that does not lock them into a web master.

“What you need to know BEFORE you build a Website”

“Best Practices – Foundation for Building a Website that will Grow Your Business”

“Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Holy Grail to Internet Marketing”


Who should take these courses:

  • People who have mastered building a website but wishes to continue developing a web presence.

“Promoting Your Site with SEO Backlinks”

“Getting Started with LinkedIn – The Premiere Business-to-Business Social Media Networking Platform”

“Implementing Effective E-Mail Marketing Campaigns for Your Business”
TO REGISTER: Follow the link to the course you’ve selected and click on “Start Now” at the bottom of the page.

    • For the special price of $59.99 per class, enter the Discount Coupon Code: MERRIMACK, then select “re-calculate” and proceed to check out.